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Retaining walls are structures that holds back soil or rock embankments. It has numerous uses for residential, commercial and public applications, such as low-level walkways, gardens and highways.

At Harold Projects, we are proud to offer decorative and functional retaining walls with concrete or timber. With our experienced engineers, we have created unique retaining wall designs for a diverse set of clients.

The first step we do is to survey the various factors such as required wall height, ground conditions and building codes, we will create a budget that will appeal to your aesthetic tastes and budget.

Some photos of projects we have worked on to show you what we can do.


Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall and Fence at Mitchelton 


Before and After Photos of Retaining Walls and Fences on top.



Replaced the Fence and Retaining Wall giving a fresh new look.


Timber sleeper retaining wall.

Fence installation at front with Retaining Wall with Fence on top at back.

Images 1 – Galvanised I-beam posts, pine sleeper retaining wall
with Colourbond fence on top. 

Image 2 – Galvanised I-beam posts, pine sleeper retaining wall
with timber fence on top. 

Galvanised I-beam posts with concrete sleeper retaining wall.


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